Similar to the type of Winnebago we’re in, with one “pop-put” to add some more floor space in the living area.

320 square feet. That is the size of the Winnebago that our family of four is currently living in. I’m grateful for this space; it’s a clean, warm, safe place of refuge for our family while we are waiting to close on our small cottage and completely renovate it. We’ve lived in 320 square feet for over two months now, and it’s been…great. Naturally, we live close to my parents’ house (it’s their RV, and on their property), so we have a larger space to escape to in case our quarters feel cramped, but I think that many people in small spaces have similar outlets–the park, a library, coffee shop, museum, etc.

The girls have less toys, and we I have less shoes and jackets, but overall, nothing has really shifted too much. We keep less food on hand and go grocery shopping more frequently. I don’t have tons of extra sheets, blankets, etc–they get washed and go back on the beds. We have a queen size bed in the bedroom of the Winnebago for Jas and myself; Hazel sleeps on the couch, and Lucy in the portable crib. We have a full kitchen and bathroom (both of which we use, though we use the houses’ facilities more), and a ton of closet/storage space, because Winnebago designed the small square footage to the max. The air conditioning and heating units work really well, and we’ve been quite comfortable.

The benefits of moving from 2,500+ square feet down to 320 square feet are obvious–a LOT less cleaning and upkeep (15 minutes and it’s sparkling from top to bottom);  a focus on the most useful items in our lives in terms of clothes, shoes, cooking items, food, toys, etc; and saving a TON of money. Other benefits I hadn’t expected–the girls have become phenomenal sleepers. We used to have to tip-toe past their rooms with our breath held, and now I can have the lights on, speak normally, and make noise right next to them and they sleep through it.

Still, with our closing date FINALLY next week, I am super happy. We’re still not sure if we’re going to live in the cottage during the renovation, since it’s major (we’re adding a second story), but it’s likely we will, at least after the new roof is on. I can’t wait to get into the home and just start the reno process; it’s been something we’ve waited for so long, and we’re ready for the next adventure!

Emily Behnke

Formerly a high level professional in a scientific organization, Ms. Behnke now owns and operates an organization and design company focused on living well in small spaces.