The old adage “timing is everything” could not be more true. When I look back at turning points in my life; they weren’t huge watershed moments–they were just a series of ordinary decisions and chances that simply fell into place and made a huge impact on my future, either positively or negatively (though I believe most of it has been positive). A sampling:

  • I chose to pursue an MBA because it was the only Masters degree that didn’t require a thesis 🙂
  • I applied late to a internship program but was accepted–and it connected me to a woman who has been an amazing mentor and friend for over 15 years
  • During my MBA, a recommendation from a professor to my future boss set me on my very successful career path
  • I am blessed with an amazing husband (who I met at a party I hadn’t planned on attending) and have two healthy, beautiful little girls
  • Because of when we purchased our previous home, and the improvements we made, we were able to sell our house for a profit of over $100K in five years–allowing us to take care of bills and pursue the kind of life we want

I was catching up with my old college friend John the other day; we hadn’t spoken in nearly a year. I was filling him in on our recent life changes, and why we made them. John is in his early 40’s, and still single. As he explained it, “That’s one of the reasons I haven’t settled down–I would want either my wife or I to stay home with the kids early on, and home school later, and I just don’t think that’s possible. You need a lot of time or a lot of money; or preferably both.”

“So what you’re saying is, time is everything.” I replied, with a laugh.

“Absolutely! It’s a finite resource, and we don’t even know how much we have. What else do we have besides our time here and now?”

That’s what I love about John–his perspective is always spot-on. Timing, chance and opportunity all go far, but time itself–that is everything.

Emily Behnke

Formerly a high level professional in a scientific organization, Ms. Behnke now owns and operates an organization and design company focused on living well in small spaces.