Want to add to your home’s value but aren’t loving the configuration currently? Would a better layout/flow maximize your space? If so, renovation might be an option to consider. Renovating your home doesn’t have to be a hassle when you work with Idlewild Design Company–we can help you through every stage. Below are some of the main areas of expertise that we provide.

Contractor Interviews and Selection Assistance

We can assist in researching contractors for your specific project, holding interviews and gathering quotes, and ultimately selecting and signing a contract with the chosen party. We’ll help navigate the tricky areas–understanding what licenses and insurance are required, performing due diligence on the status of the company, and negotiating the best price possible for you.

Project Management

Idlewild Design Company will manage your renovation, being the eyes and ears on the work site when you aren’t able to be there. We’ll maintain timelines with contractors, and ensure that the budget stays firmly in place so that there are no big surprises. We aim to keep the whole process relatively stress-free–we understand that you have a lot going on and will keep disruptions to a minimum as much as possible.

Staging and Final Design

A newly finished space deserves a polished look, and we can help you achieve that. Whether it’s mixing pieces you already own or going all out with new furniture and decor to help you celebrate a new chapter in your life, we can help you make your space shine. Idlewild Design Company can also provide color consultations for any any room, and help you design your whole home palette.